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Assessment for Refugee Status Seekers

This form will provide us essential information to assist you with your refugee application.
If you have any technical problems with this form, you may contact us directly at: info@servicelinks.ca

1) Contact Information
Please include country code, city code, etc.
2) Refugee Applicant
(if different from contact person)
List all family members currently living with you.
3) Language Abilities

Please indicate your abilities in both the English and French languages, as follows:

Very good command of the language in a range of social and work situations, and no difficulty communicating in a professional capacity.
Can communicate reasonably well about personal and familiar things.
Command of just a few basic words.
4) Questionnaire
1) Have you previously sought refugee status in Canada or applied for an immigrant or visitor visa?
2) Have you been refused refuge status in, or immigrant or visitor visa to Canada or any other country?
3) Are you in your country of citizenship or habitual residence?
4) Have you ever applied for convention refugee status with the United Nation high commissioner for refugees.(UNHCR)?
5) Have you been refused refugee status by the country in which you are currently living in or in any other country?
6) Can you build a life in the country in which you are now located?
7) Are you in danger in the country where you are now living?
8) Will you be able to return to the community you are fleeing?
9) Have ever been detained or put in Jail?
10) Have you ever been associated with any organizations, such as political, social or any other organizations.
11) Why do you consider your-self as a refugee?
5) Comments

Use this space for additional comments or questions pertaining to this case.