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Happy Client
Happy Client
Welcome to new Ambassador of Canada
Welcome to new Ambassador of Canada
Embassy of Canada Dinner
Embassy of Canada - Dinner
Director Residence-Vancouver, BC.
At Okanagan University College, BC.
Tulip Farm, Abbotsford, Vancouver, BC.
Okanagan University College, BC.
Vernon School District, Vernon, BC. Canada
School District 22 - Vernon, BC Canada
Vancouver city Tour-BKK Staff March 2017
ICEF Dinner-Vancouver (March 2017)
Happy Clients
JFCCT Luncheon for PM's Address - 3
JFCCT Luncheon for PM's Address -2
With CanCham President
JFCCT Luncheon for PM's Address-1
With Richard Kurland, LLP. -Immigration Policy Analyst and Lawyer.
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