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About Us

Service Links Canada Inc. (SLC) was established in 2012 in Vancouver, BC. Canada, offering all type of Immigration services from Temporary visas to Permanent Residence visas for Canada. It’s main office is located in central Bangkok under name of Service Links Canada (Thailand) Co., Ltd. At this office, we have professional staff which counsels to International students/workers from Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Mongolia and Laos who intends to study/work in Canada. Our Bangkok office has team of well qualified counselors is available for spousal sponsorship cases for Thai nationals married to Canadians for their permanent residency visas.

SLC is the Immigration Law consultancy established by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC), authorized to practice Immigration Law by the Government of Canada. Being full members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), a present regulatory body of immigration practitioners, our counsels are fully authorized to represent clients in immigration matters before the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Service Canada (HRSDC) and Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

Mr.Parwinder S. Sadana Mr.Parwinder S. Sadana
Senior Immigration Advisor
Verify Status with ICCRC

Mr.Parwinder S. Sadana is a Canadian Citizen, based in Vancouver, Canada. He is our senior Immigration Advisor who is certified member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC/the Council)., a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), a Fellow of the Canadian Migration Institute (CMI), a member of Thai-Canadian Chamber of commerce (TCCC) and Commissioner of Oaths of British Columbia. Mr.Sadana visit Bangkok every month to counsel clients for all type of Immigration matters for Canada.

Ms.Chariyawan P. Sadana Ms.Chariyawan P. Sadana
International Admissions Manager

Ms.Chariyawan P. Sadana is a Thai Citizen, based in Vancouver, Canada. She is our International Admissions Manager. She holds Master degree in English for Communication from Burapha University. She has worked as English Teacher with Government Ban Madua School and Yang Vitthayakom School for 3 years and has extensive experience in counselling students for their career enhancements and prospective studies in Canada.

Mr.Ali Manavi Mr.Ali Manavi
Immigration Case Manager

Mr.Ali Manavi is a Canadian Citizen, based in Vancouver, Canada. He is our proudly representativein Immigration matters.Mr. Manavi is Ex-member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC/the Council). He has more than 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing.He speaks Persian and English fluently and in-charge of forwarding cases of TRV and PR Visa applications from Eastern Europe including Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordon, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

Mr.Dildar Ram Mr.Dildar Ram
International HR Manager

Mr.Dildar Ram is a Canadian Citizen, based in Vancouver, Canada. He is our International Human Resources Manager. He holds Certifications in Electronics from Vancouver Institute and Management Certificates form McDonald’s University, Chicago, Illinois. He has 26 years of experience in managing McDonalds across Canada. He was responsible for recruitment of hospitality workers for various McDonald locations across BC.

At SLC, Mr. Ram is responsible for Foreign Recruitment for Canadian Employers. He is expert in finding the Foreign Workers who have integrity and a passion for their work and they integrate well into Employer’s existing workforce. He evaluates whether foreign workers have the language or technical skills necessary for the job that our clients expect them to do. He makes sure that the candidate we select will meet the criteria for a work permit as well.

Ms.Susanna Ma Ms.Susanna Ma
Administrative Assistant

Ms.Susanna Ma is a Canadian Citizen, based in Vancouver, BC. Canada. She graduated Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Fudan University in China. Her major subject was Accounting and Finance. She became certified accountant in China and worked for Chinese Government on big projects as Venture Capital, high and on Chinese technology industrial development zones.

She is living in Vancouver over 10 Years, She is working with us at our Port Coquitlam office for last 4 years and has gained experience in various immigration client file preparations and office administration. She speaks fluent Mandarin and English.

Ms.Duangjai Srisawat Ms.Duangjai Srisawat
Education Counselor/
Office Administrator

Ms.Duangjai Srisawat is a Thai Citizen, based in Bangkok, Thailand. She is our Education Counselor & Office Administrator. She holds Master of Arts Degree in Social Science Development and Bachelor of Arts (Major in English) from Kasetsart University. She has worked as Program Specialist for US Exchange students and has extensive experience in overseas education programs counselling. She travelled to USA in 2013. She is responsible for client’s immigration file preparations including Study, TRV and Work Permits and office administration. She speaks fluent Thai and English.

Ms.Tamakorn Punyapornmongkol Ms.Tamakorn Punyapornmongkol
Assistant-Immigration & International Admissions

Ms.Tamakorn Punyapornmongkol is Permanent Resident of Canada. She joined Service Links Canada Team in May 2019. Her role is as Assistant-Immigration & Admissions. She works from both Thailand and Canada office. She holds Graduate Degree in Civil Engineering from Mahanakorn University of Technology. She had worked as professor in Ubon Ratchathani Technical College for several years. She has expertise in counselling clients especially from North-East part of Thailand.