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Provincial Investor Immigration

Canada offers a variety of options for the qualified business immigrant to enter Canada at the Provincial levels. In return, the qualified business applicant is granted Permanent Residency in Canada with all of the benefits of living in this beautiful country. ICCRC Members at Service Links Canada work with the business applicants to support the successful acquisition and operation of the selected business.

The Provinces of Canada can nominate qualified business applicants for Permanent Residency under various provincial business programs as below:-

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You can apply online to check your assessment for eligibility of your Business Immigrant Visa. Please apply online Investor Class Immigration Assessment Form.


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British Columbia - PNP Investment Program

The Entrepreneur Immigration program

To qualify under this program, a foreign investor must make a business investment of $200,000 or more, and create at least one new job for a Canadian or permanent resident. This can be done by buying or investing in an existing business or by establishing a new business. If investing in a Canadian business, the investor must take at least 33.3% ownership of a business.

To qualify under this program, applicant needs personal net worth of at least CAD $600,000 and demonstrated business and/or management experience of 2 years.

If you meet the minimum points requirement for each of the sections, you will be entered into a selection pool where you will be ranked along with other registrants. Periodically, the BC PNP will invite the highest-scoring registrants to submit a complete application. The more you invest, the more you create a job for Canadians make you qualify for this program. New program is online based and faster then traditional PNP program launched by BC PNP previously.

Once your application is approved, the BC PNP will issue you a letter of support so you can apply to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (CIC) for a two-year work permit. This will enable you and your dependants to move to B.C. so you can start implementing your business plan.

Regional Investor Pilot Program

The BC PNP Regional Investor Immigration BC PNP Regional Investor Immigration Pilot Project has started from December 6th 2018 and will remain at least one year before government renew it.

To be eligible for the EI Regional Pilot, Client has to invest in BC small cities where population is less then 75,000, Or it is to be located beyond 30 km of a municipality of more than 75,000.

For Example citie like Kittimat, Osoyoos, Williams Lake, Oliver, Prince George, and Vernon etc.

The criteria targets entrepreneurs with a desire to start a business and settle in regional communities (populations less then 75,000): exploratory community visit minimum of $100,000 in eligible business investments minimum personal net worth of $300,000 minimum of 51% ownership minimum of 1 new job created

Alberta - PNP Investment Program

The Self Employed Farmer Stream allows a qualified Applicant with experience in farming and farm management to invest a minimum of CAD $500,000 of equity in a primary production farming business in Alberta.

Saskatchewan - PNP Investment Program

The Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program allows the applicant to buy or partner in a business in Saskatchewan and be involved in its management. For business nomination in Saskatchewan, you must:

  • Have a minimum active investment of $300,000 CAD in the Province of Saskatchewan and at least 33.3% share in a business,
  • If you own less than 33.3% of the business, then your total investment must be worth at least $1 million CAD,
  • You must be involved in the day-to-day management of your business; and
  • Have $500,000 (CAD) at minimum in Net Business and Personal Assets;

Manitoba - PNP Investment Program

The Provincial Nominee Program for Business MPNP-B gives qualified business people and farm owners from around the world the opportunity to establish or purchase a business or farm or become partners in an existing business. Applicants must:

  • Have minimum verifiable personal net worth of CDN$500,000 obtained from legitimate sources, Invest $250,000 for businesses situated in the Manitoba Capital Region or Minimum investment is $150,000 if a business is situated outside of the Manitoba Capital Region.
  • Have demonstrated business experience or a minimum of 3 years experience in a senior management role of a successful company,
  • Business Investment must be made in an eligible business as defined by the MPNP.

Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative Nominee Program

  • Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative Nominee Program allows Manitoba to nominate qualified farm business people from around the world to move to Manitoba and establish or purchase a farm, or become partners in an existing farm. Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative Nominee Program accelerates the immigration process.
  • Applicants must have a net worth of $500,000.00 and 3 years Farm experience.
  • Invest CDN$300,000 in Farm land in Manitoba (Rural areas).

Ontario - PNP Investment Program

Opportunities for business development and investment opportunities that must be important to Ontario's economy and must create jobs for residents. New business investments and expansions to existing businesses are eligible. Investments need to meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  • There must be an official endorsement by the province for the investment and the number of key positions requested.
  • The amount of the investment is a minimum of $500,000 or 1,00,0000 if investment is in GTA.
  • The investment must create at least two permanent full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Ontario.

New Brunswick - PNP Investment Program

Successful business applicants must:

  • Age 22-55
  • Complete an exploratory visit to New Brunswick,
  • Have an approved business plan or business proposal,
  • Have a minimum net worth of $600,000.00 and invest $150,000.00 minimum,
  • Have three years out of five of experience in a senior business management role or more,
  • Have a score of at least 5 on the Canadian Language Benchmark Test.

All applicants must make a commitment to reside in New Brunswick, with their dependents and are required to sign a declaration confirming their intention to live and work in this Province.

Nova Scotia- PNP Investment Program

Successful business applicants must:

  • Age 21-65
  • Want to live permanently in Nova Scotia while owning and actively managing a Nova Scotia business,
  • Have an approved business plan or business proposal,
  • Have a minimum net worth of $600,000.00 and invest $150,000.00 minimum,
  • Obtain a approval in Expression of Interest,
  • English Proficiency: CLB 5

Prince Edward Island - PNP Investment Program

100% Ownership Stream

  • Prince Edward Island welcomes capable individuals with entrepreneurial spirit. For foreign nationals, one avenue for entry into the Province to showcase entrepreneurial ability is through the 100% Ownership Stream.
  • Requires the applicant to obtain 100% control of a business through the outright purchase of an existing business or the start of a new business in Prince Edward Island.
  • The applicant must meet the program criteria, and have a minimum net worth of $600,000 that will allow a conditionally refundable deposit of $200,000 Canadian dollars (CAD) to be held in escrow. This $200,000 CAD deposit will be released upon the applicant meeting the requirements outlined in the escrow agreement. Investment amount is $150,000 CAD in any business.

The $200,000 CAD will be returned without interest, as follow, $25,000 CAD will be refunded after 6 months of residency on Prince Edward Island another $25,000 CAD will be refunded after 1 year of residency on Prince Edward Island and the remaining $150,000 CAD will be released upon the applicant meeting the requirements outlined in the escrow agreement.

Newfoundland - PNP Investment Program

Does not have a provincial business immigration program at this time.

The Yukon - PNP Investment Program

The Business Nominee Program is available to applicant's who can promote the production and marketing of goods, services, exports, technology or research in the priority sectors. Applicants must:

  • Have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of documented senior management or direct entrepreneurial experience in a business similar to the one proposed,
  • Have a minimum net worth of CAD $250,000, including minimum liquid assets of CAD $150,000,
  • Have visited Yukon at least once, and, as a consequence, have an understanding of Yukon's business and social environment,
  • Applicant must show the intent to reside in Yukon.
  • Level 6 in IELTS (General) is required.

The Northwest Territory - PNP Investment Program

The Entrepreneur and Self-Employed categories. Entrepreneurs must successfully:

  • Invest a minimum of $300,000 CAD equity into starting or buying a business within the corporate boundaries of Yellowknife, NWT;
  • Put a minimum of $150,000 CAD equity into starting or buying a business outside of the corporate boundaries of Yellowknife, NWT;
  • Have a personal net worth of at least $500,000 CAD if starting or buying a business in Yellowknife, NWT;
  • Have an additional $75,000 CAD kept in a trust account and released upon completion of a Performance Agreement based;
  • Be able to demonstrate reasonable communication skills in English or French.

To qualify for nomination, Self-Employed individuals must successfully:

  • Provide financial resources to support their family while they start their business,
  • Be professionals who establish a business outlet or professional practice that provides a service that is in demand in the NWT (such as a dentist, plumber, engineer).

Nunavut- PNP Investment Program

Does not have a business immigrant nominee program at this time although the provinces encourages economic growth by promoting the skilled worker program.

Last Updated: December 9, 2018