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Success Stories


I got tourist visa to visit my boyfriend in Canada for 6 months. I am really happy to found this company and they do not let me down and the second time I got 2 years multiple tourist visa. I recommend SLC to my friend who would like to apply any visa for Canada and they are very happy with the visa on their passport.


Supattra, Bangkok, Thailand

Pariyaporn Boonkong

I am one of Thai student who wants to come to Canada for my higher education but at the first attempt I was declined for study permit. I almost gave up my dream until I met Parwinder and Aye. 2 months later, they called me and said I got the visa. I could not believe that they made it happened and I am in Canada now. Thank you for everything


Pariyaporn Boonkong, Langley, British Columbia

Artittayathon Jantaso

Thank you to SLC. I am working in Nova Scotia as Thai cook now and having this opportunity because of SCL when I was looking for a job in Canada. I come to Canada with work permit within 3 months after submitted application to CIC Bangkok and now my other friends are also coming to Canada with the help of professional team of SLC.


Artittayathon Jantaso, Darthmouth, Nova Scotia

Christopher & Zebin

Chris and I are both thankful to your Professional supports and help, which you have patiently gave us for a long period of time. Chris was truly happy to get an open work permit while you got his file number from CPC office. Now he is landed immigrant now. Our process and this result would not have been successful without your help.


Christopher and Zebin, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Janet & Nikom

Thank you Parwinder for all your help. You did excellent job in filing Spousal Sponsorship application even I was not staying in Canada and did not have any Financials in my home country to qualify as Sponsor but you made it. We have been so glad to have someone working with us who understands the process. Thank you for your professionalism and support.


Janet and Nikom, Lethbridge, Alberta

Chenchit & Alexandre

We are pleased to let you know that I received my CAQ approval from MICC office in 3 months. I am on open work permit now and will get PR documents in few months. we would like to thank you so much, I know that we would have found it extremely difficult without your help. We are extremely happy. My husband and I are going to Thailand early in February 2015 to spend some time with my parents.


Chenchit & Alexandre, Sept-Iles,Quebec

Mathulada Baptie and Victor Baptie

Process of immigration is tedious and we are now convinced that without Parwinder's professional help, it would not have been possible. He brought my wife on Visitor visa while her Permanent Residence Application was in processing. We are living together as happy couple.


Victor Baptie and MathuladaBaptie, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Sasikan McMeans

I am highly satisfied and express high gratitude at the way my Spousal Sponsorship visa application has been handled. Your pro-active approach and guidance at every phase of this application has been remarkable.


Sasikan McMeans, Thailand (Prospective Immigrant of Canada)

Sze Xian Gan

At last I fixed the appointment to meet Service Links Canada Immigration Practitioners. They satisfied me with my   complicated queries I was greatly impressed with Mr. Sadana. He is very professional and having huge knowledge and experience concerning section, subsection, amendments, circulars, rules and regulation of migration Act of Canada. The consultancy fees charged by Mr. Sadana were reasonable and well within my reach
Sze Xian Gan, Vancouver, BC.

Tanyaporn Poonpum

My experience with Mr. ParwinderSadana was utterly pleasant and very positive as in a time period of four months   and two weeks.I was announced the grant of my Provincial Nominee Certificate.  From day one Mr. P. Sadana's systematic approach and sharpness to understand each and every aspect of my case  was tremendous. The way he explained the legal corners and his expert guidance to prepare my documents was sufficient enough to instill confidence.


TanyapornPoonpum, Vancouver, BC.

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