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Authorization to return to Canada (ARC)

If you were previously removed from Canada, you may be able to return by applying for and receiving authorization to return to Canada (ARC). Merely meeting eligibility requirements for the issuance of a visa is not sufficient to grant an ARC. An applicant must demonstrate that they have compelling reasons to return to Canada and these will be weighed against the circumstances that necessitated the issuance of a removal order.

When an Immigration Officer assesses an ARC application, they will consider the applicant’s previous history with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) as well as their current situation, including the reason why they now wish to enter Canada.

When considering previous history with IRCC, some factors that are considered include:

  • the reasons for the removal order
  • the applicant’s history of cooperation with IRCC such as previous immigration warrants, failure to appear for any hearing or removal, payment of removal costs, etc.
  • the possibility that the behaviour that caused the order to be issued will be repeated; and
  • the length of time since the order was issued.

It is always best to speak with an immigration expert with experience in immigration law to ensure that you are abiding by the requisite immigration laws and regulations at all times, and to help you (after going through Departure Order or Exclusion Order or Deportation Order issued by CBSA ) determine whether you must apply for Authorization to return to Canada and the best way to do so.

ARC applications are complex. For advice and consultation or If you would like more information about applying for authorization to return to Canada, Contact Service Links Canada Offices in Bangkok, Thailand (+66 2 003 1450) or Vancouver, Canada (+1 604.944.7912) or check your eligibility online today. We can advise you on the best application for your situation and help you get started.


Send email to immigration@servicelinks.ca with copies of your criminal record or medical inadmissibility documents.