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Express Entry Permanent Resident Visa for Skilled Workers

Skilled Foreign Workers can access to 2023 New Express Entry Program — a new electronic application management system — which has been applied to Canada’s key economic immigration programs as below:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trader Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and
  • A portion of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)


Express Entry is not a new immigration program; it is a new way for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC) to manage economic immigration application online. Express Entry provides employers with access to skilled foreign nationals whom they can consider for a permanent position when they are unable to fill a position with a Canadian or permanent resident.

For prospective skilled foreign workers, Express Entry results in faster processing times.

Express Entry: Changes how Canada selects skilled immigrants:
Moving from the old system ...
Welcome to Canada
  • First applicant In, first to be processed;
  • Difficult to navigate the immigration system due to multiple players;
  • Recruitment of global talent at employer time and expense;
  • Average of 18-24 month to process and application.
To Express Entry
To Express Entry
  • IRCC will select candidates that are most likely to succeed in Canada, rather than the first in line;
  • Express Entry candidates with a valid job offer or PNP nomination will quickly be invited to apply (ITA) for permanent residence;
  • The new Job Bank will connect Canadian employers with a pool of skilled foreign national candidates if they can’t find Canadians or permanent resident to do the job;
  • Express Entry candidates will benefit from processing times of six months or less.*
The New Two-Step Application Process for PR Applicants
The New Two-Step Application Process for PR Applicants


CEC Class: Canadian work experience in an occupation listed in 1 or more of these NOC TEER Categories:

  • TEER 0
  • TEER 1
  • TEER 2

FSW Class: Foreign Work experience in an occupation listed in 1 of these NOC TEER Categories:

  • TEER 0
  • TEER 1
  • TEER 2
  • TEER 3

FSTP Class: Work experience in a skilled trade under key groups of TEER 2 or TEER 3 only.

Other Facts:

  • Anyone can apply based on Education and Experience (Check NOC 2021 List as per Employment and Social Development Canada Website or Contact Service Links Canada Office)
  • Making it easier for Canadian Employers to find the candidates they need to fill available positions
  • Bringing skilled newcomers to Canada faster by eliminating backlogs and introducing 6 to 8 month processing times

Contact us and, our office will assess your eligibility to immigrate as a skilled worker under this new express entry program.

You can apply online to check your assessment for eligibility for Express Entry (Skilled Worker) Class Immigration Visa. Please visit Express Entry Skilled Worker Assessment Form Online and submit the form. Upon receipt of all that information, our office will contact you in 1-2 business days. Please do not forget to fill your telephone number and email address when you submit online.


Download the PDF form- Express Entry Skilled Worker Assessment Form. - Please fill it up and send it back by scan email attention to: Immigration at info@servicelinks.ca


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