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Information about Canada


Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II (1952) is Queen of Canada. She has dedicated her life to public service and continues to serve Canada and Canadians after 60 years. On her 21st birthday (April 21, 1947), she addressed the Commonwealth and dedicated her life "whether it be long or short" to the service of others. In the interim years, she has been steadfast in keeping her promise — a promise quite valued by Canada, valued by the entire Commonwealth.


Julie Payette
Julie Payette

Julie Payette was installed as the 29th governor general of Canada on October 2, 2017 and at that time became Chancellor and Principal Companion of the Order of Canada, Chancellor of the Order of Military Merit and Chancellor of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces. She took the charge from former Governor General David Johnston who was the 28th governor general of Canada, from October 1, 2010, to October 2, 2017.

Prime Minister:

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeau (born December 25, 1971) is Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. He also serves as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of Youth.

Justin’s vision of Canada is a country where everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed. His experiences as a teacher, father, leader, and advocate for youth have shaped his dedication to Canadians – and his commitment to make Canada a place where everyone has the opportunities they need to thrive.


Area of Canada

land area: 3,511,003 sq mi (9,093,507 sq km);
total area: 3,855,102 sq mi (9,984,670 sq km)

Population (2018 est.):

37,067,011 (growth rate: 0.78%);
birth rate:
infant mortality rate:
life expectancy:
density per sq km:

Capital (2016 est.):

Ottawa, Ontario, 1,323,783 (metro. area)

Largest cities (metropolitan areas) (2009 est.):

Toronto, 5,377,000; Montreal, 3,750,000; Vancouver, 2,170,000; Calgary, 1,160,100; Edmonton, 1,101,600; Quebec, 710,700; Hamilton, 710,300; Winnipeg, 702,400; London, 459,700; Kitchener, 450,100

Monetary unit:

Canadian dollar