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Canadian Citizenship & Passport Applications for Children born outside Canada.

Canadian citizens who reside abroad have been known to fall in love and have children. When those children are born outside Canada, they may be entitled to Canadian Citizenship, but there can be a lengthy process to obtain proof from the immigration authorities that the child is Canadian. This document is the Canadian Citizenship Certificate.

Whereas Canadian-born children are automatically eligible for a passport on the basis of their Canadian birth certificate, a child born abroad needs the extra step of getting the citizenship certificate as proof of this, and then the Canadian passport.

Canadian citizenship for Child born in Thailand

Under the Canadian Citizenship Act, a child born outside Canada to at least one parent who is a Canadian citizen is automatically a Canadian citizen at birth as long as their parent was born inside Canada, or became a naturalized Canadian citizen.

Children born outside of Canada, after April 2009, to a parent who is a Canadian citizen will not be granted citizenship at birth if their parent was born outside Canada and inherited their own citizenship because one of their parents was Canadian at the time of their birth. This is called the ‘second generation cut-off’ rule.

Emergency Travel Document / Canadian Passport for your child to visit Canada.

If you are a Canadian parent, Service Links Canada office in Bangkok, Thailand can obtain an Emergency Travel Document for your child, who was born in Thailand or abroad This document can be issued at the discretion of the Canadian government to a child who is likely Canadian, but who currently does not have the proof of Citizenship document. With this travel document, your child will be able to travel back to Canada with you (usually one time only) while our office prepares your child’s Canadian citizenship certificate to obtain a Canadian passport.

Citizenship application for children born outside Canada are complex. At Service Links Canada office in Bangkok, we have helped many successful applicants obtaining proof of Canadian citizenship for their children born in Thailand or aboard.

For advice and consultation or If you would like more information about Canadian Citizenship application or obtaining Canadian Passport for your child both outside Canada or need Emergency Travel Document for your child, Contact Service Links Canada Offices in Bangkok, Thailand (+66 2 003 1450) or Vancouver, Canada (+1 604.944.7912) or send email to immigration@servicelinks.ca. We can advise you on the best application for your situation and help you get started.

Canadian citizenship for Permanent Residents living in Canada.

Canadian Citizenship is the end of a long journey. After you are approved to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident (landed immigrant) and have lived here for a period of 3 years (1095 Days) within the past 5 years, you may qualify to become a Canadian citizen. Those who have lived in Canada prior to their landing date may qualify for a credit of time, shortening the waiting period.

We have assisted numerous people across Canada for nearly 17 years with both simple and complex Citizenship cases and are always delighted when our clients complete their journey to full Canadian Citizenship. We are here to help you and look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to apply. And just think, you won’t have to reapply for another Permanent Resident Card every five years. That is reward enough for most!

Please fill out our Citizenship and Permanent Resident Card Assessment Form so we can assess your ability to obtain your Grant of Canadian Citizenship or Contact our office in Vancouver, Canada (+1 604.944.7912) or send email to immigration@servicelinks.ca. We can advise you on the best application for your situation and help you get started.