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Refusal Cases / Reconsideration / Appeal

Immigration Canada Approved
  • Have you been refused in Canada or overseas ?
  • Were your TRV (Visitor Visa ) refused ?
  • Were your Study Permit refused ?
  • Were your Work Permit refused ?
  • Were you refused based on Misrepresentation ?
  • Were you refused due to Financials or Family Ties in your home country ?
  • Are you inadmissible by IRCC ?
  • Do you believe you have received an unfair decision ?
  • Have you been refused permanent or work permit entry to Canada? Citizenship Refusal ?
  • PR Card Refusal ?
  • Marriage / Spousal / Common-Law Sponsorship Case Refusal ?

We represent several clients every year at the Immigration Appeal Division, the Immigration Division and the Refugee Protection Division. At Service Links Canada office, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading Immigration firms that deal with refusals and reconsideration. We represent individuals and families dealing with all refusals including family class, TRV, permanent residency cases, citizenship and refugee matters.

If your Immigration visa application was refused, we can Prepare a request to IRCC for reconsideration. Reconsideration can be made for temporary status (i.e. visitor visa, study permit, work permit), or for permanent residency.

There are no rules or fees to request a reconsideration. A reconsideration request is less complicated and less costly to prepare compared to other options. The IRCC officers has a high level of discretion in deciding your reconsideration. IRCC Officers also have discretion in the processing times.

We have professional staff that speak English, Thai and Vietnamese, and can guide you for all your immigration appeal and litigation needs.

Reconsideration applications are complex. For advice and consultation or If you would like more information about applying for Reconsideration or appeal, Contact Service Links Canada Offices in Bangkok, Thailand (+66 2 003 1450) or Vancouver, Canada (+1 604.944.7912) or check your eligibility online today. We can advise you on the best application for your situation and help you get started.


Send email to immigration@servicelinks.ca with copies of your criminal record documents.