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Study Permit

International students require to obtain a study permit in order to pursue education in Canada (except of study programs that are less than 6 months). Student visa is usually issued for applicants from non-visa exempt countries upon application for a study authorization at the visa office outside of Canada. To be eligible to apply for a study permit, a student needs:

  1. Letter of Acceptance from an educational institution in Canada
  2. Sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses
  3. Be in good health and have no criminal background
  4. Satisfy a visa officer that he/she will leave Canada upon expiry of a study permit
Work opportunities for international students:
  • Working on campus
  • Off-campus work permit
  • Post-graduate work permit
  • Co-op and internship programs

Whether you are only at the stage of considering to study in Canada or you are in the middle of your studies, whether you would like your spouse to join you in Canada and be able to work or study here with you, or you may be a recent graduate, contact us for assistance with:-

  • Obtaining initial study permit
  • Extension of your stay as a student
  • Change conditions on your study permit
  • Restoration of status
  • Off-campus work permit
  • Work/Study authorization for spouse/CIL
  • Post-graduate work permit
  • Applying for PR as a student under CEC.

Contact us and our office will assess your eligibility to study in Canada either it is ESL program or Academic Degree or Diploma. Our admission division represents reputed English Schools, Public Colleges and Universities in Canada for all your career goals.

You can apply online to check your assessment for eligibility of your Study Permit. Please apply online International Student Assessment form.


Download the PDF form- Study Permit Assessment form. - Please fill it up and send it back by scan email attention to: Immigration at info@servicelinks.ca


Fax at our office in Thailand : +1 604 229 2951 OR Fax at our office in Canada: +1 604-944-7913