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B1 Business Visa & B2 Tourist Visas for the USA

In order to be considered eligible as a permitted business visitor (B-1), your activities may include: consulting with business associates; participating in short trainings; business conventions; meetings; and conferences. To be able to enter the US as a permitted visitor (B-2), the purpose of your travel to the US may include tourism, or visiting friends and relatives. Visitors in the US on either a B-1 or B-2 visa cannot engage in any form of work in the US or enter the US labour market in any way.

In order to qualify for this type of visa, your application must demonstrate that you have funds to cover the expenses of the trip, and that you have a permanent residence outside of the US to which you plan to return. You must satisfy a visa officer that you have temporary intent and that your proposed stay in the US is for a specific, short duration.

There are two main types of U.S. visitor visas:

  1. B-1 visa (for business)

    A B-1 business visa permits you to take part in the following activities:

    • Consult with business associates
    • Negotiate a contract
    • Settle an estate
    • Attend a convention or conference
  2. B-2 visa (for tourism)

    A B-2 tourist visa permits you to take part in the following activities:

    • Tour the U.S.
    • Vacation or holiday
    • Visit friends or family
    • Participate in social events, musical events, sporting events, or contests (must be amateur level and you must not get paid for participating)
    • Take a short recreational course that does not count for credit toward a degree
    • Seek medical treatment

Note: You may also enter the United States for a combination of business and tourism on a B-1/B-2 visa.

How to initiate the process to get a visitor visa for USA ?

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You can apply online to check your assessment for eligibility of your USA B1/B2 Visa.
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