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Success Stories

Spousal Sponsorship PR Visa Canada

I would just like to say thank you on behalf of me and my now husband, Daniel, for your help and support in our visa application for my permanent residency. I was surprised how quickly it all came through and it is a relief to know that we can now relax in the confidence that PR process is all complete now. Thanks to Khun Aye. Special Thanks to Parwinder to prepare me for interview at CIC Bangkok office.


Daniel and Supee, Verdun, Quebec

Spousal Sponsorship PR Visa Canada

I came to Canada as international student, got my PR card this year in July 2014. This was truly one of the most anxiety processes I have ever been through in my life. We are truly grateful to Parwinder, Aye and Lek, who helped out process see the wonderful result it did. Parwinder kept us on track ensured...all our documents were in order and processed in a timely matter. Parwinder not only kept us informed, but was trustworthy in handling our financial details as well. My husband and I are truly blessed to have found Service Links at the time we were planning to file a spousal sponsorship application at CIC. Thank you so much. Amazing company who has made this Process a blessing :) God bless and keep doing the wonderful work you do!


Eli and Orawan, Vancouver, British Columbia

PR Visa (Cook) CEC (Canadian Experience Class) Program

Finally I got my permanent resident visa. To work as Chef in India was not an option as it paid too low to raise a family and support my old parents. To live separately from my family on continuing basis seemed like the only solution. Then Mr. Sadana told me about getting permanent residency of Canada, which meant, my wife and kids can become Canadian citizens and my kids will be living with me and I will be getting salary at par with Canadian Chefs. Now I earn four times than before in a large hotel where working hours are fixed, I get social security payments from government for my kids, I live in a large house with two cars so near the beautiful river in West Vancouver.

Only the timely advice given by Mr. Sadana in so many matters in relation to my visa application and his continuous support made this day possible.


Raghu Rishi, Calgary, Alberta

TRV (Visitor) Visa for Canada

I got visitor visa to meet my boyfriend, British Columbia in Canada. 

Thanks Parwinder and SLC Team in Thailand.

Sarinrak, Bangkok, Thailand

PR Visa Canada (Spousal Sponsorship)

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Both of you are truly amazing; we could not have done it without you. Wassana got her visitor visa right after I married to her and she stayed with me until she got her PR visa. I would recommend your service to anyone, Service Links is truly a professional company pertaining to marriage visas specially when someone married in Thailand and want to bring his/her spouse in Canada on TRV visa.


Eric and Wassana, Prince George, British Columbia

PR Visa Canada (Sponsorship Common-Law with dependent Children)

Thank you so much, Parwinder and Aye !!! Your service and help have been super efficient and thoughtful over this PR process for my wife. I felt so secure when you prepared our spousal Sponsorship application package put together and submitted to CPC office. As well, you gave me complete assurance that my wife Nuch would get the TRV visa and Indeed, I was able to take her to Vancouver during her PR processing. We can't thank you enough for helping us through this whole PR visa process - we are so happy ! Huge thanks !! Lee and Nuch.


Lee and Tamakorn, Coquitlam, British Columbia

Study Permit Approval - Flight Training Program in British Columbia

I got study permit to become commercial pilot. Service Links Canada helped me successfully acquiring study permit at very first attempt. They are very kind people. They pay very close attention to every little details that helped with my application. I highly reccommend them !

Thanks Parwinder and SLC Team in Thailand

Twich, Koh Sumai, Thailand


I got tourist visa to visit my boyfriend in Canada for 6 months. I am really happy to found this company and they do not let me down and the second time I got 2 years multiple tourist visa. I recommend SLC to my friend who would like to apply any visa for Canada and they are very happy with the visa on their passport.


Supattra, Bangkok, Thailand

Pariyaporn Boonkong

I am one of Thai student who wants to come to Canada for my higher education but at the first attempt I was declined for study permit. I almost gave up my dream until I met Parwinder and Aye. 2 months later, they called me and said I got the visa. I could not believe that they made it happened and I am in Canada now. Thank you for everything


Pariyaporn Boonkong, Langley, British Columbia

Artittayathon Jantaso

Thank you to SLC. I am working in Nova Scotia as Thai cook now and having this opportunity because of SCL when I was looking for a job in Canada. I come to Canada with work permit within 3 months after submitted application to CIC Bangkok and now my other friends are also coming to Canada with the help of professional team of SLC.


Artittayathon Jantaso, Darthmouth, Nova Scotia